Did you see the Fireworks?

Hello and HNY! 

When the highlights start pouring in from around the globe of New Year’s Eve celebrations, Sydney always leads with footage of its iconic skyline serving as a backdrop to the breathtaking fireworks cascading over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

For this reason, amongst others, one of my most memorable New Year’s Eve experiences happened in 2001/02. Alex and I were visiting family in Sydney as a celebration of our newly engaged status and had front row seats, quite literally, to the fireworks extravaganza that will always and forever be THE pinnacle display of my lifetime.

It was ooh-and-ahh-to-die-for-spectacular, to say the least.

Cue forward to this past Monday and New Year’s Eve was a markedly different type of party.

We were in an Airbnb in Park City. The four of us played a dice game, cooked dinner (Alex makes the tastiest crispy skin char) and by 8 o’clock, the children were nestled all snug in their beds. Alex and I could barely keep our eyes open after a blisteringly cold day of skiing, and we fought staying awake, trying with all our might to make to 9 o’clock, because if it’s New Year’s on the east coast, it’s somewhat official.

Not surprisingly, we were zonked long before the ball began dropping in Times Square.

Yet in stark contrast to Sydney, our cozy couch in Utah was just as memorable if not more so (and not for the reasons you’re thinking, c’mon, this is a G-rated post!).

In my mind and heart, fireworks lit up the sky as I soaked in the significance of the moment. Here I was hanging out with my most cherished loved ones doing seemingly mundane things: cooking dinner, laughing over a game, trying to defrost after playing in the snow, and simply being together.

And that’s the thing about fireworks - live or not, if they’re happening in your mind, that’s as good as the real thing. 
Sometimes even better.

Hugs to you in this Happy New Year.

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)


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