Friday, what to do when it’s one of those days? Chaos

Hey there,

You’ve heard of the perfect storm. Where everything lines up just so to deliver a powerfully choreographed effect.

I had one of those days last week, save the rain (this is Southern California after all).

In the course of 60 minutes, the children came home from school, our friend’s dog was dropped off for a 7-day sleepover, we (my husband and I) flipped the living room furniture around, three different work crews were working their magic in various areas of the house, AND 2 light bulbs needed to be replaced in the kitchen.


And, perhaps the most important part - Sarah arrived for our first-ever Valley + Beach offsite - and on my way out the door to meet her at the airport, two neighbor children were walking up the driveway to play.

Yes, I realize these are wonderful things. This is not a complaint at all. Still, between dogs and people and children, I couldn’t help feel the tension rising as that extra energy swirled around and my safe space felt slightly off kilter.

One thing I’ve noticed as a result of growing older (or perhaps wiser) is I am way more sensitive to the energies of crowds. Not that our home was the Rose Bowl during a Coldplay concert, however, there were a lot of people (and one furry canine) requiring some level of my focus and attention.

And this needed to be managed, for everyone’s sake, especially mine.

First, I could feel what was happening as the voices and stress mounted - my body started getting tight and shaking every so slightly. So I paused and immediately took five deep breaths. 

Next, I made the conscious decision to embrace the insanity of the moment, knowing this too shall pass and it’s just “for now”.

Lastly, I spoke the words, “Thank you” to everyone around me. Thank you to my husband for helping to move the furniture, to my littles for being home (they both gave giant eye rolls) and to the workers doing their various jobs (I also offered them water and their gratitude was delightful).

And to myself, the greatest gift was the acknowledgement and acceptance of what was happening. Because even all good things can be a lot to take in at times.


Stacey (+Sarah)


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