Lessons learned from going (back) to Target

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Confession: I used to have a Target habit.

Surely you know what I mean. Aimless roaming combined with very justified (aka impulse) purchases. 

When I finally realized what was happening and how I felt and the ramifications, I quit cold turkey and never looked back.

For years, subsequent trips to Target were few and far between as online ordering became easier and necessary (and because Target + small children = recipe for disaster). And honestly, those shopping trips lost their allure after realizing the impact.

Then Tuesday happened.

I’d been needing to go to Target yet had been holding off because the timing wasn’t right.

So when my Tuesday morning appointment got cancelled, I knew instantly how to make use of the time.

Admittedly, there was an undercurrent of glee for the hours leading up. It had been so long since I’d been to Target a) without children b) for an undefined period of time and c) during Christmas, that my mood was noticeably upbeat.

Would the Joanna Gaines Hearth + Hand section deliver on Christmas decor? Would I be able to find ample stocking stuffers?! Would I be delighted and wow’d? 

The answer is yes, to all the above. 

My Christmas shopping list is much shorter, yay and thank you, merchandising experts of Target. 

The in-person visit during this festive season tickled my senses. 

And the unchaperoned wandering was delightfully lulling.

And yet...

...a few of those unsettling feelings linked to long ago did pop up. And this time, I was able to quickly identify them for what they were and act responsibly. 

I buckled down on my list; pondered the impulse purchases before deciding yay or nay; and wrapped it up because that was in my best interest.

Will I go back? 

Of course, sometimes only Target will do.

However this time my list will be fierce and my time limited (hat tip to Sarah for suggesting this; she limits herself to a specified period of time in certain stores as constraints teach us to operate more efficiently, conserving resources, notably time and money). 

Wow, all that from a trip a trip to Target, you may be wondering. Or maybe you can relate?

Deep thoughts, friends, deep thoughts.


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