Need a summer list?

I’ve got a thing for lists. Both making them and consuming any “best of” list. 

Psychologists say one of the many reasons our brains love lists is because of their succinct and definitive nature. We feel in control with a list guiding us. And then there's the satisfaction and accomplishment from crossing items off. Check!

This week we’re sharing our own list and if you can find one noteworthy + useful nugget then color us happy.

These are just a few of our summer favorites. For a complete list, listen to this week’s podcast here.

1. Airpods. We are in serious like with this Apple accessory because they make life easier. No more tangled cords. Yes, they do need to be charged but not as often as you think (usage depending).

2. A proper bathing suit. By proper, we mean one that fits your body type; is designed to contour and amplify your best assets; provides support and is flattering; and one you feel fantastic wearing. Yes, these bathing suits exist! Simply head to your nearest bathing suit store and ask the sales associates for help. They’re skilled and trained to put you in the best suit possible for your body type. Trust us, this is a summer game-changer.

3. Watermelon. Is there anything this fruit can’t do?! Slice and arrange on a platter or giant bowl for a simple snack or dessert; it makes a great summer salad with mint and optional feta; it enhances water, too; and makes a great mocktail or adult beverage. Leverage this summer mainstay. This watermelon knife is legit and makes slicing so.much.easier.

4. Beautycounter Tinted 
Sunscreen SPF 30. We *may* be biased because we love Beautycounter however this tinted sunscreen takes the glare out of pasty winter legs and provides coverage with SPF 30. 
5. Straw bags - they’re everywhere this season and we like the round ones. For an easy and inexpensive outfit pick-me-up, try this one.

Summer's here and the time is right for dancin’ in the streets…I cannot get that song out of my head (and if it's in yours now, you're welcome).

Have fun this weekend. We’re crossing off a bucket list item (see, a list again!) and will be biking around Coronado. Weeeeee!

Be well.
Stacey (+ Sarah)


Podcast: Our Summer Favorites

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Something We Love: Away Luggage 

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