Stay in your own lane; you do you, boo

blog self care Nov 30, 2018

Hey there,

So often, the conversations I have with my children are exactly the dialogue I find myself having internally or with friends. 

Case in point.

Earlier this week, my daughter asked why our tree is up and decorated already while her friend’s family waits until two weeks before Christmas to get their tree.

My answer was simple, “Everyone gets to do their thing. We do ours and they do theirs.”

“Right,” she responded, “personal responsibility.”


Personal responsibility is a mantra of sorts in our family. It started early on when the children were learning the difference between tattling and reporting, and it’s evolved to be a cornerstone of our family doctrine.

Similar sayings include, “stay in your lane” or “you do you”. Either way, the message is the same, focus forward and don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing.

When we get distracted we can easily lose sight of what truly matters. We start comparing, which results in us feeling less than and we all know how that *sometimes* ends (scarfing down a plate of cookies, drinking a bottle of chardonnay, scrolling endlessly on social media, etc.).

All this to say, it’s normal to get distracted and compare. It’s human nature. It’s the way our brains are wired. And this time of year, the distractions are overwhelmingly plentiful (lights, lights, everywhere lights!).

So the next time you find yourself distracted or comparing, simply acknowledge what’s happening (lights everywhere!) and glide back to your own lane.

It will take practice. A lot. And that’s ok. 
Practice is progress.

Be well.

P.S.We’ve received some questions about the Spotlight. If you’re confused or still curious, this may explain more.

The Spotlights are monthly self-guided “courses” or deep dives into a particular subject. 

December by Design is structured to help you plan for the upcoming month, get and be and stay focused and organized, allow time for proper self-care, and give you the mental and physical space required to do everything you do (which we know is a lot).

And it’s only a daily 10-minute time commitment. We teach you the hows and give you the tools. 

We know the thought of adding one more thing to your plate, especially during December, seems counterintuitive, but this is precisely the commitment that will make your month flow better and have you feeling cool, calm, collected, and well-cared for.

Going forward, each month will have a different theme and explore a different subject.

Hope this clarifies those lingering questions.


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