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blog gratitude holidays Nov 23, 2018

Hey there,

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Before cueing up Christmas music 24/7, let’s hang in the afterglow of Thanksgiving for a moment.

Because we’re giving out virtual hugs today. To each of you.

When we first started this entrepreneurial adventure, we’d planned to go in a very different direction. But after several strategy sessions, we just weren’t feeling it. So we zigged and zagged and over the past year, have charted a course we’re excited about.

Along the way, you’ve sent texts, calls, emails, comments, and support. Please know each and every missive matters and keeps us going. Thank you so very much.

Much gets said about the power of gratitude. It truly is the antidote to what ails you (that and sleep :) ).

In our homes, we have a daily gratitude practice that’s as easy as it gets. At our family meal, each person shares their cookie and crumb for the day, the cookie being the high point and the crumb the low point.

Simple enough. And so effective.

Today, as I write, my cookie is you, our community and support squad. We truly wouldn’t be here without you. My crumb? Only those from yesterday’s pumpkin pie crust.

Happiest of holidays to you all.


Stacey (+Sarah)


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