When is your opportunity moment?

I’m writing this courtside, squished comfortably in the bleachers, from a local college gymnasium. 

Recently, my son started playing competitive basketball and practices twice per week after dinner. Given the gym is 30 minutes from our home, it makes sense to stay put so I’m making the most of my time.

During the first few evenings, I finished a book and started another, watched practice, chatted with another new parent, and made an overdue phone call. Last week, I ran a few errands, listened to two podcasts and watched training videos. 

Having children nailed home the significance of time intentionality (aka opportunity moments or power plays). 

When they were very little and five minutes opened up, I'd spin into action and could cross numerous items off my never-ending to-do in that short period of time. It was a necessity, survival practically.

Today, they’re older and independent and while time is more my own, I continue to look for those opportunity moments to capitalize and leverage.

Hence me + laptop + gymnasium.

We all have excessive demands on our time. Making the most of those opportunity moments throughout the day is a bonafide way to 'create' more time for what matters to you.

Be well.
Stacey (+Sarah)


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