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Spotlight on...Sugar Blues

Nov 02, 2018

Hey Friends,

Do you have a Switch Witch? At our house, “she” swoops in two days after Halloween and swaps the remaining candy for a present of sorts. Started when the children were young...

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Getting ready for daylight savings

Oct 26, 2018

Hey friends,

Daylight Savings Time ends next week on November 4th. Which means it’s almost time to get that extra hour back you’ve been craving since the spring.

A few years ago, I...

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Getting to the root of the matter

Oct 17, 2018

Hey there,

On a recent trip to the farmers market, it hit me. Gone were the stone fruits of summer replaced by the root vegetables of fall. Just like that, my bags were brimming over with beet...

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Thank you for being here

Oct 10, 2018

Hey there,

Let’s start by saying thanks for being here. We know your time is precious and your effort/energy even more so and we’re grateful for your attention. Let’s hop to it.


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